All about sales

Our services create the perfect conditions for closing successful deals.

The same effort devoted to closing deals is also demanded before, during and after the sale.

We are sales professionals and bring you long-standing experience and expertise, including in contiguous disciplines.

»We launched our successful partnership with GIRGIN Switzerland AG ten years ago.  Since then GIRGIN Switzerland AG has continuously and sustainably supported us in our Hunting task. Thanks to the successful support in acquisition, we were able to win several new customers.«


Dölf Huber ACE Trade GmbH

Dölf Huber, ACETrade

Customer segmenting/data management

Create the best conditions

Reach targets faster with expertise and the right tools.

Full and current address data within your target audience forms the basis for targeted communication in B2B market cultivation.

Our experienced team harvests all the key information for you in calls to your prospective customers and partners. We tailor address maintenance, refinement and information procurement to your requirements.

Address qualification & data refinement

  • Identifying decision-makers
  • Obtaining full contact details
  • Finding out specific needs
  • Evaluating projects
  • Assessing sales opportunities and potential
  • Obtaining opt-ins

Address maintenance for greater success rates with less effort.

Digital marketing

How well equipped are you and your company for the world of digital marketing?

For us companies, it offers an abundance of information about our customers and their interests. But do we use this information from websites, social media, forums etc. to appeal directly to our target audiences?

As sales professionals and data experts, we show you how to collate, evaluate and leverage this data for your success. We give your digital marketing the edge and coordinate it with your classic dialogue marketing. Together, we generate new marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and help you to turn them into sales qualified leads (SQLs).

Let us ease your digital transformation.

Get in touch with us. After all, two are better than one.

Sales portal

As a customer, you have access to our sales portal and can track the progress of our telemarketing and your sales force activities in real time. Appointments made by us can be viewed immediately, and your sales team can record the sales process directly in the portal, which also functions as the interface to your CRM. Success monitoring, transparency and escalation process are all ensured via our sales portal so you don’t miss any business opportunities. This gives you the benefit of a closed loop approach with a sales pipeline overview.

Training room hire

Gain first-hand experience of the inspiring GIRGIN sales world and hold your seminars, workshops and sales courses in our training room.

The training room holds a maximum of 8 people. PC, beamer, white board, flip chart, Internet access and WLAN are all supplied as standard. If you wish, we will be happy to help you professionally organise and conduct your training session. Please contact us if you have any questions at or use our contact form. We look forward to your request and will be happy to supply a customised offer.