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Grow your customer base

Let it grow

Offer your customers and business partners the possibility to grow successfully through and with you.

With our proven sales track record, we help you to define and deploy the right cross-selling and upselling activities, also in relation to various customer retention options for your end customers.

We seek out relevant projects and product requirements, which we pass onto your preferred business partners.

Make the most of existing business relationships and secure sustained value creation for all stakeholders through mutual growth.

»For the past three years we have entrusted the sustainable and continuous support of more than 1,000 business partners of GIRIGN Switzerland AG. Our B2B turnover could be significantly increased by the high level of support.«

Thomas Meier, Head of Sales Samsung Business

Thomas Meier, Head of Sales, Samsung Business

Customer reactivation/winback

When trying to revive dormant business relationships, in particular, you need both time and finesse. We define the specific project set-up and targets with you. Our experienced team of telemarketers also display their professionalism and trustworthiness in these particularly demanding situations.

Partner management

Finding and keeping committed business partners can be just as time consuming as managing customer relationships. Serving as multipliers, reliable channel and sales partners are worth their weight in gold to successfully boost business.

During selection, we support you with partner profiling, defining the selection criteria and partner qualification for your future channel and sales support.

Deploying targeted cross-selling and upselling activities, we ascertain prospective end customers’ pending B2B projects or procurement plans. We pass on these leads to your preferred business partners, and thus offer them real opportunities that are in your interest.

Grow with the right partners.