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Winning new customers 

We take care of cold calling and lead generation for you, smoothing your way to prospective customers and their decision-makers.
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Growing your customer base

Aim for growth with your existing customers, make the most of cross-selling and upselling opportunities and find suitable business partners – we look forward to helping you with strategy, concepts and especially deployment.


We customise everything you need in sales to build successful and long-term business relationships with your company.


«For three years we have entrusted the sustainable and continuous support of more than 1000 business partners of GIRIGN Switzerland AG. Our B2B turnover could be significantly increased by the intensive support.»

Thomas Meier

Head of Sales Channel, Samsung Business

«The employees of GIRGIN Switzerland AG know how to communicate our holistic approach in a solution and service-oriented environment to our potential new customers.»

René Pfister

Sales Manager, BUSINESS IT AG

«We enjoy working with GIRGIN Switzerland AG and appreciate the open communication. In the meantime, a strategic partnership has developed from the many years of cooperation.»

Tom Brunner

CCO, ALSO Schweiz AG

«Within one month we received 90 fixed appointments with potential new customers. When we were allowed to write concrete offers after the first appointments and won the first new customers, we were thrilled!»

Safak Göktas

Country Manager, Targus Switzerland

«We particularly appreciate the expertise of GIRGIN Switzerland AG employees and the very high quality of the dialogue and the tools used, which form the interface between our companies..»

Michael Fiel

CMO, Cyberlink


Sales is our lifeblood

We are committed to your sales success.

We generate sales qualified leads (SQLs) on your behalf with decision-makers in the B2B sector. Our professional contact management provides you with key information, including address maintenance.

Your sales team can thus use targeted tools for customer acquisition, retention and business growth – with customised solutions and appropriate cross-selling and upselling activities.

Mutual success

Ever felt that you’ve just been pipped to the post for a new customer or deal?

We support your customer acquisition efforts from lead generation and sales qualified leads (SQLs) to growing your customer base, and offer additional sales-related services.

Our team of telemarketers work the B2B market for you; their sales support opens the door to your sales success. With a foot already in the door, you can concentrate on the essentials, such as building your sales pipeline and closing the deal.

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Lead Generation
With us at your side, you won’t miss any more opportunities. We stay in regular contact with key decision-makers in the B2B business. Winning new customers is easy with our help. We stay on the ball for you, nurturing leads and turning them into sales qualified leads (SQLs).

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Partner Management
The world’s your oyster with the right, committed partner at your side. We help you find suitable business partners and generate valuable leads and contacts, which we forward to your partners.

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Cross- and Upselling
You have a lot more to offer than just your core competences: Together, we work out your cross-selling and upselling potential and identify opportunities for growing your existing customer base.